MANIFEST, UNMANIFEST XII at The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery

June 8 – September 30, 2022

Opening: Wednesday, June 8, 6 – 8 PM

The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery

417 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor, NYC

Jung Hee Choi, “Color (YouTube / Twitch): live realization v. 2” (2007, 2013, 2022); mixed media: incense, YouTube/Twitch live streams, video projector, wood, acrylic sheets, colored gels. Installation view, The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery, New York, 2022. Copyright © Jung Hee Choi 2022.

Manifest Unmanifest XII presents a site-specific sound and light environment in which various interdependent media collectively create an intersubjective space as a unified continuum. This twelfth edition in Choi’s series of environmental compositions exploring the concept of “Manifest, Unmanifest” features six recent works including large-scale multimedia installations, light point drawings and a sound environment, which completely envelop the listener’s body in the physical experience of sound vibrations and standing waves. Through a synthesis of light, incense and sound, Choi creates an immersive environment where opposites are not separate entities, but rather exist in synchronicity. The environmental composition’s constantly evolving aural-visual forms and patterns unveil a micro-macro dialogue between states of flux and stability and reveal the constantly changing, transient nature of the manifested reality.

–– SWPK Press Release

Further information regarding the exhibition as well as documentation of the works presented can be found on the Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery website, here.

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