AUM (incense calligraphy)

AUM is incense smoke created by repeated and spontaneous strokes of incense calligraphy: the handwritten inscription in the air of the Sanskrit character AUM, using a burning stick of incense. Incense smoke is evanescent; it does not have a solid physical body and its form is infinitely variable. However, the smoke makes visible the subtle movement of air in the space and confers perceivable corporeal properties on the movement of air.  In this video, time is substantially extended, allowing the experience to assume a more introspective quality. The smoke is timelessly suspended on temporal air currents and constantly transforms to create random and elaborate curvilinear patterns. Since the incense smoke appears in random and constantly changing formations, it can evoke a highly coherent and also receptive psychological state, inspiring the unconscious imagination as the viewer applies personal interpretation to the images.

Copyright © Jung Hee Choi 2009

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