Ahata Anahata, Manifest Unmanifest XI at MELA Foundation Dream House

August 17 – October 14, 2017 – August 7, 2023

MELA Foundation Dream House

275 Church Street, New York, NY 10013

Jung Hee Choi, “Ahata Anahata, Manifest Unmanifest XI,” 2017, 23 ft x 10 ft 8 inches;  MELA Foundation Dream House, New York. © Jung Hee Choi 2017.

MELA Foundation presents the annual exhibition of Jung Hee Choi’s Ahata Anahata, Manifest Unmanifest XI from August 17 through October 14, 2017 in the MELA Foundation Dream House in conjunction with a series of live performances and an unprecedented 24-hour cycle of her composition The Tone-field.

The premiere of Choi’s new sound installation The Tone-field: perceptible arithmetical relations in a cycle of eight Indian raga scale permutations, 17 VIII 17 – 17 X 14, New York converts the Dream House space into an audibly perceptible number-field that orbits through eight modal scales based on the ancient raga systems of India. The 24-hour cycle of The Tone-field will be recalculated daily to create a modal scale that is appropriate for the time of day corresponding to the movement of the Sun in New York.  For the first time Dream House will open for a continuous 24 hours from August 17, 2 pm through August 18, 2 pm to experience a full 24-hour cycle of The Tone-field. Choi writes, “In The Tone-field the space and the musical structure are concomitant where the space becomes the musical scale. The listener’s body is completely enveloped by sound and shares its dimensions with the numerical structure of the present intervallic ratios.”

Choi has presented series of environmental compositions with video, evolving light-point patterns, drawings, incense, performance and sound involving the concept of “Manifest Unmanifest.” Her synthesis of expression in these series collectively creates an intersubjective space as a unified continuum and emphasizes the totality of sense perceptions as a single unit to create a state of immersion.

For further information on the exhibition, please see the press release on MELA Foundation’s website, here.

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